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During the repair works, we make use of testing technology, which is also used in the manufacture of new parts. This enables us to inspect your engine control unit in detail and comprehensively. In our test towers, we simulate all situations in which the device must work in everyday life, e.g. different temperatures and loads. This ensures a very high test depth.

The immobiliser is usually retained and there is no programming necessary with a manufacturer-specific diagnostic tester. In the event of irreparable control units, we can often offer an exchange unit and transfer the vehicle data to it. We only perform repairs with original parts. Incidentally: In the event of a flat rate repair or replacement, we offer a warranty on the entire device, not only on the repaired fault. The advantages of our repair services speak for themselves! Get in touch today and benefit from our experience and quality promise.

Engine control units and repairs

Here, you can find out more about engine control units, electronics and our usual high quality repairs service.

What does an engine control unit do?

An engine control unit is an electronic or control unit developed for a specific engine type which, among other things, switches all motor-relevant signals and control outputs and ensures perfect engine operation. This requires an interaction between hardware and software, which is becoming increasingly complex from generation to generation.

The Bosch Electronic Service has decades of experience in repairing vehicle electronics. We started as a factory service for Blaupunkt radios and navigation systems, today we also repair combined instruments and complex control units for various applications in the automotive industry. Additionally, at Bosch Electronic Service devices for the most diverse vehicle manufacturers are repaired - therefore we offer services in manufacturer quality.

When is an engine control unit defective?

The electronics of an engine control unit are defective if the device does not respond or if the problem cannot be solved after checking all external components relevant to the fault. In addition, the software may also cause an error. This can be due to, e.g. software manipulation, or errors in the programming. Due to this complexity, it is extremely important that we receive all relevant information from you. This allows for quick and successful processing.

If you should discover such a defect, there are different solutions to the problem:

  1. Repair works at a fixed price or quote depending on the device and offer.
  2. Replacement with a new device after sending in the defective device with acceptance of the device data in order to avoid a new adapting process.
  3. The advance exchange for a new device. Receive a new device and later send the damaged part back to us. In this case, it is unfortunately not possible to transfer the data beforehand.

The many years of experience of our technicians make them market leaders in the repair or restoration of automotive electronics. We work in accordance with current standards and guidelines, such as IPC-7711 and IPC-7721.

Do you not know which engine control unit you have?

You can find out the type of a engine control unit by looking for a 10 digit Bosch part number starting with 0261, 0281 or 0986 on the device sticker. The formatting could appear as shown in the following examples: 0 261 207 189 or 0261207189

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