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Frequently Asked Questions

No, this service is only available to car workshops. Please ensure that the devices are removed and installed only by trained specialist personnel, as improper removal and installation can lead to injuries or damage to the vehicle
No, here you can order repairs and advance replacement deliveries instead.
Yes, we grant a one-year warranty on the repair and a two-year warranty on advance replacement, new goods and reconditioned products.
Cost for repairs for products that have been sent in are shown with a fixed price (excl. VAT), plus a flat rate for packaging, the pickup of the defective component and the standard shipping after the repair, for which an additional EUR 12.90 (excl. VAT) will be invoiced. In the pre-exchange process, the same costs as for the repair process apply for the delivery of the required component and the pickup of the identical damaged part.
Yes, the following options are available:
  1. If UPS drives you regularly, give the package to the next UPS driver with the appropriate shipping label, as usual.
  2. You have the following options to send the parcel by UPS:
    • Bring the parcel to a UPS drop-off location. To see a list of drop-off locations, please click here.
    • Or dial the following UPS phone number to arrange a collection: 01806 88266 3 (20 ct/call from German landlines, mobile is more expensive)
    • Or create an online collection order here. (Leave the UPS customer number empty.)
Please pack the component in such a way that it cannot be damaged any further during transportation.
Basically we repair all Bosch brand engine control units as well as all brands of navigation units, display instruments and radios, as far as automotive products are concerned. If you cannot find a product in our portal, please contact us by email or phone.
This has technical and diagnostic reasons relating to the repair process.
Regardless of whether we identify faults - the lion's share of the repair effort occurs through our professional testing of the units with the aid of series production test equipment, as well as manual testing after opening the unit. The flat rate for testing the motor control unit and DCUs is 89 EUR (excl. VAT), and 59 EUR for all other products (excl. VAT).
In principle yes, however we cannot offer a pick-up service in these countries. In this case, please clarify the customs formalities for yourself, and always ensure beforehand whether the sending of defective units from your country is legally permissible.
Please send us the damaged part as soon as possible. We reserve the right to charge a surcharge of 50% on the exchange price if the unit does not arrive within 4 weeks. The same shall also apply in the event that the device is damaged, e.g. water damage or damage due to opening of the device.
Insofar as necessary for repairs and the device-specific software from the vehicle manufacturer is available to us. Control units are exceptions. Generally, there are no updates available to us here, therefore the same device software will be reinstalled after the repair.
Yes, this can be the case, e.g. if there is considerable moisture damage, fire damage or broken circuit boards or if a device is so old that there are no longer any spare parts for it.
Sometimes the repair price exceeds or is close to the price of a new unit. In this case, we will not repair the device but instead send you a free quote.
In order for us to be able to carry out a repair in accordance with our quality standards, it is important that you do not open the device yourself.
We, as car suppliers can avail themselves of their own development documentation, testing software, and diagnostic tools from the original equipment sector and can adapt these items to aftermarket requirements. This is the only way of ensuring fault detection and repair are performed according to professional standards. Furthermore, original spare parts are used for the repair. When faced with challenging repairs, we are able to fall back on our decades of expertise in development and experience from field observation.
We, as car suppliers can avail themselves of their own development documentation, testing software, and diagnostic tools from the original equipment sector. Through dealing with warranty claims, Bosch is familiar with the faults that occur in components and how they should be remedied in order to avoid multiple repairs. Furthermore, an original equipment supplier has access to the latest software for its products and can often install an update. Quality repair work therefore requires a professional approach, technical equipment and high quality material, which results in different prices.
At Bosch, standards are applied that are comparable to the standards applied in the manufacture of original equipment components. Thanks to our expertise as an original equipment manufacturer and the professional equipment we have at our disposal, we can exclude the possibility that a hazard will result from even safety-relevant units that have undergone repair. Besides, the proper installation and correct functioning of these parts in the vehicle are additionally checked and tested in your workshop.
Bosch Electronic Repair Service repairs electronic vehicle components. Therefore, please send us only the ABS/ESP control unit. Please leave the hydraulic block in the vehicle and do not send it to us.
ABS control units that are already open are not repaired to ensure the quality standard. There is no refund on the purchase price for devices that have already been opened.
If you have diagnosed a defect in the hydraulic unit, please contact your (Bosch) wholesaler as usual.

Packaging note defective unit
ABS and ESP control units are sensitive products. Good and safe packaging is therefore essential after separation from the hydraulic block.
  • Always make sure not to pull out the coils on the bottom of the control unit.
  • Protect the coils and the connector strip against damage, e.g. with a piece of clean cardboard or even better with an original Bosch packaging.
  • Pack the device in a cardboard box, protected from moisture and shockproof.
  • Before closing, enclose the printed repair accompanying sheet.
How do I need to package my device?
Due to impact and shock sensitive components, well-padded “individual packaging” is advised.

Do I have to send the device in for decoding?
This can be the case with some old devices. In this case, you will find a corresponding note when placing the order. Normally, we can read the code without sending in the device for a fee (17.50 EUR + VAT) or send you a keycard (for a fee). To program a new keycard, you need the old (functioning) keycard or the code. Please note that this service is a paid service provided by us.
How do I need to package my parcel?
Due to impact and shock sensitive components, well-padded “individual packaging” is advised.
Repairable error screen
The Bosch Electronic Repair Service only repairs EHB hydraulic units that have not been separated from the pump or control unit. So, please always send us the complete system!

Removal and packaging
Before removing the unit, it must first be deactivated! This protects you from danger during removal and is a requirement for repairs by Bosch repair specialists. A diagnostic tester (e.g. the Bosch KTS range) is required for the deactivation!

EHB systems are sensitive products that place brake fluids under very high pressure, can be very dirty and are very heavy. Therefore, they must be sent in specific packaging material in order to prevent transport damage caused by leaking liquids or rough handling.

Upon receipt of your order, we will contact you by phone and, if necessary, send you special packaging materials as soon as possible. We usually send these the following day.

Defective EHBs must be packaged as described below:
  • Empty the hydraulic system completely. (Warning: Never cut off the hydraulic accumulator!) The lower the residual quantity of hydraulic fluid in the system, the lower the risk of transport damage.
  • Seal the hydraulic channels with suitable sealing plugs, size M10 and M12. Make sure there is a secure locking element so that any leaking brake fluid cannot damage your valuable device.
  • Protect the connector strip against damage using a special attachment.
  • Package the device in a cardboard box so that it is protected against humidity and shock-resistant. The device must be padded in such a way so that it does not penetrate the packaging even if it falls from a height of 1.5 metres!
  • Before closing, enclose the printed out repair certificate.
Return shipment and installation
In the event of returning goods, you will receive a newly filled hydraulic unit in original Bosch shipping packaging with all the required packaging material for secure and clean shipping. Therefore, we recommend that you do not dispose of the empty shipping packaging. Instead, use the packaging directly for the next order. This saves you work and conserves the environment!

You must reactivate the unit after installing it! A diagnostic tester (e.g. the Bosch KTS range) is required for this!
The control unit has been repaired or sent back with the note that it is OK. However, the defect in the vehicle still exists. Who can help me with the error search?
Our Bosch Electronic Service repairs the defective electronic component. However, there may be further defects in the vehicle. If you have any questions regarding vehicle fault diagnosis, please contact your local technical hotline.If you have any questions about the Electronic Service Portal please do not hesitate to contact our Electronic Service Hotline.

Do you also work on devices that have already undergone repair or opening attempts?
After unsuccessful repair attempts or opening of the devices, we cannot rule out the possibility of consequential damage resulting from previous damage after our repairs due to unknown history.
Due to the age and sometimes limited availability of spare parts for these devices, processing times may increase.

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